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Finally, use the clean, damp cloth to wipe the outside of the fireplace.Hiring a professional chimney sweep can get expensive, so if you use your fireplace frequently, consider picking up a few tools from the hardware store and cleaning your chimney yourself.

Watch as a seasoned professional demonstrates how to clean a chimney in this free online video about fireplace cleaning.Effective and non toxic solution for cleaning your chimney while enjoying your fireplace.

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A clean fireplace and chimney is your best defense against a dangerous chimney fire.Buy a set of chimney rods and brushes at the hardware store.Change into old clothes and don safety goggles and a dust mask.Regular chimney cleaning protects your chimney, house, and family from fires.

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White vinegar is a mild acid that works well for cleaning a brick fireplace, including for removing smoke residue from the brick or even for cleaning glass fireplace doors.While cleaning by the fireplace they were very careful and kept everything clean.

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Here are cleaning instructions for using vinegar on your brick fireplace based on information from Vinegar by Vicki Lansky.The beginning of the New Year is a great time for resolutions.

Check the chimney flue, or hire a chimney cleaning company, and make sure loose materials are kept clear.The chimney crown is an important part of the chimney system.

Noticing problems such as a bad odor, smoke leaks or a tar substance forming on the inner walls of the chimney, a inspection would be recommended at this point.

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If chimney-cleaning products perform as claimed and cause debris in the chimney to fall, that debris must still be removed from the smoke shelf, baffle, catalytic combustor, or.Many chimneys are not constructed in a straight path from the firebox to the outside.Keeping a wood-burning fireplace clean begins with the wood you burn.

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One of the most important resolutions to have is getting your fireplace cleaning done with the help of professionals.The vehicle is a wholesale distribution company that delivers supplies and tools to the chimney service industry.Finally, how long you wait in between cleaning jobs will also play a role in the size and cost of the project.Everything you need to know about prepping your fireplace and chimney for the winter.For those needing chimney cleaning equipment for cleaning round metal chimneys from the bottom, we have the proflex chimney rods and the sweeps all chimney brushes, which come in a variety of sizes.

The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends an annual chimney cleaning and chimney inspection as an important step in maintaining a safe heating system.

To help prevent the buildup of dangerous (and dirty) creosote, which can lead to chimney fires, only use properly seasoned and stored firewood.Over the winter months you may feel like you are using your fireplace or wood stove almost every single day.

Chimney Sweep Certified chimney sweeps offer many chimney services like chimney cleaning, chimney lining, chimney repair, masonry repair, chimney crown repair, chimney caps, chimney brick repair, chimney liner repair, stove pipe, stove cleaning, fireplace cleaning, tuckpointing, parging, firebox repair, fireplace insert and wood stove sales and installation in all of central connecticut.The insides and tops of chimneys are a favorite building spot for birds and even other forms of wildlife, with birds especially, making their nests above the flue and near the chimney tops.Regular chimney sweep cleanings are important to keep your fireplace safe and venting properly.

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A fireplace inspection and sweep is a good first step to any smell issue, as it will remove excess creosote and rule out other common problems that may have caused the smell.Keep your wood stove or fireplace clean and burning safely all winter long with an inspection and chimney cleaning.

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Burns like a standard fireplace log, while simultaneously cleaning your chimney.