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The great Anthony Bourdain, host of CNN’s “Parts Unknown” and a vocal food-truck lover, was recently part of a campaign video urging the City Council to nearly double the number of permits...

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Anthony Bourdain might have eaten his way around the world, but he called NYC home.I wanted to write how inspiring his show has been to me as someone who values the meaning of travel, and exactly why learning about the world is crucial.

Celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain going back into the restaurant business.Thank you for your contributions, and especially for bringing a new, refreshingly candid and earnest voice to the world of food.

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You can find my list of favorite restaurants in New York here.Before his death at the age of 61, chef-turned-writer-turned-TV-host Anthony Bourdain traveled to cities across the world to film his CNN docu-series Parts Unknown.

To add to this list is the name of the American Chef, TV personality and author Anthony Bourdain.

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Anthony Bourdain has been known to indulge in not one but three or four pasta entrees per visit to this favorite NYC spot.The culinary expert was near Strasbourg, France and was doing a shoot for his series called Parts.In 2010, an Honorary CLIO Award was given to Bourdain for encouraging people to think differently, and try to change the world.He visited frequently over the years and featured local bars and restaurants.Anthony Bourdain uncovered the best in culinary cuisine around the world.

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As this blog gained momentum, and built up material I hoped to eventually write a post about Anthony Bourdain and the importance of what he does.

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Anthony Bourdain has given me a whole new perspective on food.

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The menu features coastal seafood inspired dishes along with an impressive wine list of over 750 selections to choose.

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In fact, Bourdain goes on to describe a restaurant that, at the time of this filming in 2003, was serving Balut in New York City to customers from all different backgrounds. 10 A Special Kind of Pig Soup.

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Before groundbreaking chef, writer, and host Anthony Bourdain died, he filmed an episode of his docuseries Parts Unknown in New York — teasing some of the restaurants he had visited on Instagram.

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Dear Anthony Bourdain, thank you for introducing Tokyo to the world.

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